Wedding customs in different parts of the world

Wedding is one of the most important holidays in a person’s life, and each pair during this event tries to stick to wedding traditions and the customs of his people. Best of all traditions know, older people, adults in the family, so young, doing the preparation for the celebration, ask questions to them. But also today there are books dedicated to the wedding traditions of different peoples, and abstracts distributed for free on the Internet.

For example, the Spaniards have a custom of watering the bride syrup – it symbolizes the sweet share. And before the wedding ceremony the bride and groom tied to the hand of the flower – whose flower is going to wilt first, and he will be the head of the family.

As you know, in most countries of the world before your wedding reception it is customary that the couple visited the Church – by the way, this is evidenced by the numerous books and essays on religion. Now, in England, when the bride goes to the Church ahead of her runs girl and throwing flowers on the ground. They symbolize a happy life, filled with flowers. And English brides dress is attached to a small horseshoe for good luck.

In Thailand it is customary that an elderly couple were preparing bedrooms for newlyweds. They clean the room, laid out beautifully on the shelves books, abstracts, advertising. for example, documents and other items that are in the room. Be sure to set beautiful potted plants or flowers, but special attention is paid to beds for newlyweds – around older people leave bags of rice or coins. It was good luck.

In Japan the bride on the day of the wedding along with his family goes to the groom’s house. Before that, the bride wears a head scarf, which is triangular in shape – this is necessary in order to hide from the eyes of others the so-called “the horns of jealousy”. The couple drink three SIPS of sake, but the husband and wife they already after the first SIP.

And in Holland the wedding is celebrated with guests at the table before young were married. And most remarkably, Dutch wedding table be sure to put the candy and spicy wine – the first symbolize the sugar, and the second – her tears.

In Germany before the wedding ceremony to the bride’s house her friends come and beat at the doors of the dishes. The road on which the couple will go, is strewn with green branches, so that their family life was happy. And the couple handed guests a gift of handkerchiefs, by which with the festive table, take away leftovers.

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