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EASTERN neighbors of Russia – who are they?


China is the largest in Eastern Russia. A population of a billion people. In a short period of time China has experienced a powerful impetus to economic development and now ranks second largest GDP. Recently this country was regarded as obsolete, but in the decade became a world power.

Influence on Chinese culture has had existing religions: Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism. Also in China there Professor of Christianity and Islam.

China is the world’s only Communist country. Moreover, the Chinese could achieve a combination of capitalism with communism, which led to prosperity.


Mongolia has a long border with Russia almost 3.5 thousand kilometers. This country is in many ways an amazing and extraordinary. In one part of the state you can contemplate the mountains, rolling plains, and the other by sandy deserts. Climate, vegetation and the world were formed under the influence of taiga forests and deserts.

Most of Mongolians are Buddhists. However, preserved in some parts of the country shamanism. The number of people professing Islam, due to the presence of a large number of Kazakhs, who immigrated to Mongolia. In the country about 50 thousand Christians.

The basis of Mongolian culture – nomadism. Many families still live this lifestyle. Created seasonal special school to receive education, not looking up from the family. The culture was influenced by China, as Mongolia was part of Qing China from 1636 to 1911.

North Korea

North Korea is the smallest Eastern neighbour Russia. The area of the country a little more than 120 million square kilometers. Before the end was part of Japan.

North Korea is a closed state. Also presents a nuclear threat, along with Iran. However, the quality of nuclear weapons is inferior to the USA and Russia. During Soviet times, Korea had the support of Russia, after the collapse of the Soviet Union relations between the countries have cooled. With Japan, South Korea and the U.S. the country are very tense and distrustful communication.

The North Koreans have no access to foreign websites. Citizens are allowed to buy foreign goods. Entry and exit from the country are also problematic.

In the country promoted atheism because of the established state system. A country’s culture resembles the culture of the USSR, that is in the same socialist spirit.


Japan is the only country from Eastern neighbors, have a water border with Russia. Still there is a Japanese ruling Imperial house. The current Emperor Akihito is a direct descendant of the Emperor of Souza, who lived in the VII century BC. That is, the dynasty has never been interrupted.

For Japan, characterized by the practice of several religions. Shinto is a Japanese belief in deities and spirits. Buddhism and Confucianism arrived in Japan from China. Also, the Japanese borrowed from the Chinese writing system.

The Japanese are respectful to elders by age and by rank. They are characterized by such features as calmness, judiciousness, self-sacrifice. The culture is laid so that the Japanese are primarily concerned about the welfare of other people, society in General, and only then about yourself.