National holidays of Japan
Japan is a unique country with its own way of life, sorrows, joys and, of course, the holidays. The Japanese like fun. National holidays of Japan are celebrated widely and…

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Transportation - Transportation to Japan: Types of transport in Japan, urban, Maritime, water, rail. The development of transport in Japan
Japan is one of the most developed transport systems. In the development of this system, the government invests a lot of money. In the country drive on the left. In…

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Characteristics of the population of Asia

Characteristics of the population of Asia. The population of Foreign Asia is different: a large number (more than 3 billion), high growth rate, a complex structure uneven location.

Geography grade 11

a summary of other presentations

“Public transportation” – Activities to reduce pollution of the urban environment. The composition of the vehicle fleet of Moscow. The transport strategy. Transport In Moscow. The positive and negative aspects of the use of vehicles. Rail. Buses. Trolleybuses and trams. Water transport. Opinion about the prospects of this or that kind of transport. Metro. Measures to reduce emissions from road transport.

“State Of India” – India Gate. Hawa Mahal. The four main industrial center. Udaipur. Industry. Geology. The Secretariat building. Hampi. The JAMA Masjid Mosque. Religion. The Minaret Of Qutab Minar. The Flag Of India. Learn about the attractions. Indian rupee. Darjeeling. Church Of St. Anthony. The size and length. New Delhi. The red Fort. The population. Traditional clothing. National structure. The head of state. The state of the device.

“The Saratov harmonica” – a Book with an inscription. Saratov. A study of the exhibits of the school Museum. Tour of foreign delegates. The results of the survey. The main keepers of the tool. The planning of the study. Rus. Assessment of the work of the Museum. The Creator and a real fighter. Harmonica in the school Museum. Schoolchildren on excursions to the Museum. The results of the study. The plaque on the building of the factory. The promoters of Saratov harmonica.

“History of the Kuril Islands” – the Terms of contracts. Japan was occupied. Related to the problem. History of the Kuril Islands the XX – XXI century. Maximum level. Sovereignty. Of the island. History of the Kuril Islands of the XVII century. The cold war years. History of the Kuril Islands. Discovering new knowledge. The Kurile Islands. A ridge of small Islands. Map section of Russia. Apply new knowledge. The use of educational technology. History of the Kuril Islands the XX century.

“England and Scotland” – Scotland. Vegetation Of England. The population. Fertility. The Flag Of England. Geographical data of great Britain. Deer. Forests Of Scotland. The Problem In The UK. The ethnic composition. The population of the UK. Language. The Coat Of Arms Of Scotland. The Coat Of Arms Of England. England. The coldest months of the year. UK. The Flag Of Scotland. The geographic data. Climate. The ROE deer. Geographic data for Scotland. The population growth rate.

“Soils of Kuban” – Reserved paths. Soil resources of the Krasnodar region. Hadzhohskaya tasnina gorge. Soil resources. Factors influencing soil fertility. Factors. The most large protected natural areas. Erosion of the soil. Rufabgo Gorge. The land protected areas. Exhaustible renewable resource. Exhaustion. Soil. Big Azishskaya cave. Measures to maintain soil fertility. The uniqueness of the Kuban soil.