Children's Day in Japan
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National traditions in Karakalpakstan: wedding, birth of a child
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Only in Japan – Maxicut

Virtual tour of the sights of the Rising Sun


These cartoons have become extremely popular not only at home but around the world (see anime “Buttermilk”).

No, no, Yes and will see some Sailormoon on the street with big eyes and other delights animanga character.

Just today anime is not just a fairy tale and cartoons with serious political overtones.

So in Japanese, shows Russia and her sisters:

TV and advertising

Oddly enough, the Japanese rarely spend time watching TV.

Most often they look at their crazy show right on smartphone (until then came the progress!).

Here are just some of the popular show:

“A very merry starts”

“Really violent games”

These crazy shows are interrupted no less insane advertising. The chip commercials in Japan – its two-fold repetition.

If at first you don’t get to enjoy, here’s another, “a sweeper”, so to speak.



Robots work hard it is just about Japan. And why spend precious time cooking, cleaning, training in “muzykalke”,

if to all this we can come up with “chelovekovedenija”.

Robot Cube-Kun will help to solve the Rubik’s cube.

And the robot Kintore-Z is designed to relieve you from physical stress. “Fell down!” – it’s about him.

Japanese robots in addition to inventive minds and produce a large quantity of useful equipment and electronics.

One of the most popular brands – SHARP – became famous in the 80s, when there were special chic Japanese cassette.

And now the company is in our market, and smartphones, among which Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W –

the world’s first smartphone with a 5-inch Full-HD screen. For this diagonal, the number of frames per inch is obtained 443.

For comparison, the new iPhone this indicator in the region of 326, while the Samsung Galaxy SIII – 306.

That is, the flagship models of 2012 the clarity and quality of image is much lower.

Display protects Gorilla glass – it is resistant to shock and scratches.


Apart from the unique display, this Japanese miracle of technology equipped with a dual core CPU,

2 GB of RAM and 8-megapixel camera.

Works “AquaSpun” based on Android 4.1, i.e., perfectly adapted to the tastes and needs of Russian users.

In addition to the world premiere of the line is more modest and devices.

Say, Sharp SH530U dual SIM or Sharp SH631W with 4,5 inch screen Sharp Mobile.

Another model – Sharp SH837W – stocked the HD screen, also branded “chabowski”.

All are based on Android and features a powerful dual core processors.

Interestingly, in these models there is not only significant benefits, but amusing and chips:

By the way, Japan had not spoiled the world with their “mobiles”. Sharp made in-kind technological breakthrough

becoming the first real Japanese brand of smartphones in Russia. Maybe because at home they have nothing to gain –

first place in the market clings to the brand Sharp, Samsung and even Apple are lagging behind.


The sushi rolls and the Russians have long been accustomed – even in the Outback we affectionately called “crackers”.

But real Japanese food, for Japanese everyday, may cause us if not disgust, then at least embarrassment.

For example, ice cream with the taste of meat:

Soda or flavored eel (the one that swims in the ocean):

But sometimes a frenzy of culinary benefits. Here, for example, gum for those who sweats heavily.

It will give your sweat a special flavor of pink flowers.

By the way, it is called Otoko Kaoru, which literally means “Man that smells good”.