Festival of national traditions in Khabarovsk
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Strange wedding traditions
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5 amazing cities, built from scratch in the twenty-first century

Not only the 20th century was marked by massive building of cities and sites in the 21st century, the process continues, showing the world the young, sometimes wonderful city. We present to your attention five of the most incredible cities constructed in the 21st century.

1. Songdo in South Korea

The city, which is the area of economic freedom considered to be the first in the history of mankind “smart” large settlement. This city, showing how life depends on new and advanced technologies, began at the turn of the new Millennium. The city’s location is designed to make it maximum comfortable for the contemporary society and business development. There are a lot of parks, boulevards, bike paths and stations for charging electric vehicles – what is not a dream?

Each resident of Songdo has smart card that allows you to use all the features of the city. So, thanks to a smart card for free use of public transport, the Internet generation “Next”, to take to bikes, going to the shops and restaurants. Here the implemented pneumatic garbage collection, a unique water system, “smart” heat and power plant.

2. The Olympic village in Krasnaya Polyana on the territory of the Russian Federation

In 2014 Sochi hosted the Winter Olympic games, which served as the impetus for the reconstruction of old and construction of many new facilities and also towns. For example, in the mountains appeared simultaneously some new small settlements (outside the city), which are located at different heights. The most known are the City of Gorki, Gorky Gorod 540 and Roza Khutor.

These settlements built through the investment of large Russian business, and each has its own infrastructure that allows towns to live in year round. Now, however, a large influx of residents can be observed only in the ski season.

3. Nay Pyi Taw in Myanmar

At the beginning of the 21st century, the Myanmar government came up with the idea that all the misfortunes of the country fell because of bad, according to astrologers, the location of the capital. That is why all public bodies had to be moved to better conditions for them. Astrologers defined a new, more harmonious place, and the year 2002 was the beginning of construction. After four years, began moving the capital, which ended only a couple of years. Naypyidaw was quickly filled with inhabitants, today the population numbers more than a million people.

Now this city became a major center of politics, economy and culture of Asia, its airport, museums and the business districts.

4. Hallstatt in China

The Chinese are trying to repeat the achievements of the West, as a rule, different gadgets and devices. In China there are even copies of famous cities: Amsterdam, Paris and Venice. And quite recently, near the Chinese city of Guangzhou was another Hallstatt. The “original” Hallstatt is in Austria, it is included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

Chinese city, like its original, is located at the shores of the beautiful lake. The architecture is almost entirely copied from the Austrian counterpart.

5. Yingkou in China

The leader of the party in the province Laonin at the beginning of the Millennium took the decision to global economic restructuring and modernization of their region. According to the plan, over which worked the best minds, meant the building of many factories, houses and even entire cities for the working sector of the population.

District of Yingkou city was built from scratch, as expected the experts, it was planned to check about a million people.

But, the situation in the world economy has changed greatly, which brought the province Laonin a number of problems that nobody could predict. Residential facilities are built ahead of industrial and shortly on the construction of plants had to forget. So in Yingkou settled units, and the area for many years almost uninhabited.

This is the case for China cannot be called the only. The number of cities – “dummy”, calculated per million inhabitants, already exceeded ten. To blame risky and unwarranted investments in real estate are not enjoying the real demand.

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