National holidays of Japan
Japan is a unique country with its own way of life, sorrows, joys and, of course, the holidays. The Japanese like fun. National holidays of Japan are celebrated widely and…

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The Customs of other countries
Customs — in a broad sense every detail or feature of life(in addition to purely physiological or pathological), repeat,constantly, periodically or when known cases, consciously ribasauskiene (out of habit, tradition,…

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The Art of love in ancient and modern Japan

To learn the art of love and sex in Japan require stolknutsya and to get acquainted with Eastern philosophy in General. The art of love and sex fully owned Japanese geisha and prostitutes (Yuza) and those are revered by society stratum of the population. A perfect myth of the geisha, sozdannyi Europeans that a geisha is completely subordinated to the man and satisfy his any whim and lust, with a mistake adding them to prostitutes. If geisha and has sex it is only in rare cases, and almost always by mutual desire, or even of love and one man. Professional prostitutes. which just learn the art of love in Japan – Yuzu.

In addition to numerous modalities and techniques to bring the man to orgasm, in its Arsenal, Japanese prostitutes had a bunch of amulets, herbs, aromas repeatedly reinforcing feelings of pleasure. Well-versed in the increases the potency in men. And always, their efforts have focused primarily on feelings of men, to feel himself Emperor, meaningful and satisfied is the ultimate goal of prostitutes.

Later many varieties of geisha, on the European and American way, this is the geisha secretaries and barmaids. Next to tea houses appeared on the American way of coffee shops, where beautiful Japanese waitresses could udovolstviye various tastes of Japanese tourists, or the Secretary, and also providing sexual services to her boss that was also considered a kind of geisha. Here’s what they say about the distinction made geisha and the Yuzu (Japanese prostitutok) the Japanese themselves, Yuza sell the body and the senses always for money, the location and the feelings of a geisha is always sincere. The geisha have always turned high-ranking Japanese, and was not afraid to turn to them for advice and conversation.

Japanese men themselves unusual, they just sex is not a pleasure, a much bigger role play foreplay and courtship, it’s more aesthetic and have to have fun, even more than from samogo sexual intercourse. And marriage for the Japanese is somewhat different than that of Europeans. The husband and wife are rarely together, the wife is primarily the guardian of the family hearth, and the mother, who raises and educates children. Photos and captions sexual relations by wives and geisha are different. Marriage to Japanese men does not imply even affection or love, the wife should be silent, modest, gray, to engage in normal farming and keep the family calm. Traditions and customs of the Japanese men require rather strict standards of behavior for all occasions. Geisha, on the contrary is a dream from early childhood, the aura of romance and sensuality, the atmosphere where a man can afford to relax, to show their intellectual and physical sposobnosti, prodemonstrirovat force, the man’s mind and influence, to lead a relaxed and a long heart-to-heart, and realize your sexual pleasures and fantasies. The same time, training of a geisha is now much easier and straightforward, compared with what went before. A true geisha can be called as a sample of the geisha of Kyoto, where there are still old school classic sample. There is no concept of work, there’s a way of life, 24 hours a day girls live the life of a geisha and every step laid out and corresponds to the high prestige of this honourable position. The same time consuming training which will Hesham from an early age, is considered to be very difficult for those same Europeans. Life for the sake of art never allows to create the geisha family with children, and patrons rarely bring relations before marriage with a geisha. If the family has a child, then daughter be the successor of the continuation of this profession. Full professional geisha to be only 25-30 years, and all his life strive to save money to create your very own tea house.

Interesting facts about Japan
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Only in Japan - Maxicut
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