Strange wedding traditions

Let’s start with the wedding traditions of India, where there is a strange custom whereby girls marry animals. Many girls were forced to marry animals because in some parts of India it is believed that it helps banish the ghosts. This was especially true of girls who were born with milk teeth, or too terrible girls. It was believed that these girls are owned by the evil spirit. The only way to banish the ghosts for a girl to marry an animal, typically a goat or dog. This suit is generous and lush wedding ceremony, with drinks and dancing. The good news is that the girl does not have to perform his conjugal duty to the dog, she has the right to marry a man later, after the expulsion of ghosts. I wonder how they determine that the Ghost banished and who makes the decision. It should be noted that there is a tradition in many Asian countries, not only in India

A strange tradition is in Greece, when a young Greek bride is celebrating his wedding. The ritual is that she plants are young, immature in the sexual relation of the boy on his knee. Then she bites the bun, the braided ring around his neck. After this the bride takes her new husband, and brings her to their humble dwelling place. The front door of this house dipped in honey, and the bride throws a pomegranate on the door. If any of its seeds stick to the door, the bride will give birth to many sons

Among the wedding traditions of Korea, too, there are oddities. For example carving wooden figures in the form of ducklings. In Korea it’s customary for grooms who ask for their successfully married friends carve them wooden ducks, as a symbol of the great marital happiness

Cut handcrafted wooden duck is quite difficult, requiring us to wonder whether the Koreans are re-given these ducks later 🙂

Move to Scotland, where, too, there is something amazing and it’s not just men wearing skirts 🙂 Scottish men obviously love their women, raw and dirty. Before the bride will marry the love of her life, she needs to be “blackened”, i.e., smeared in mud

Any dirt, from animal feed, to sticky substances like molasses or plain flour — all this is well mixed and falls on the bride. Probably so the bride is prepared for the brutal reality of marriage. Here’s a video in detail depicts this process:

In Mauritania, starting from 5 years, parents begin to fatten a girl that well to marry her. In some parts of Africa a girl fed until it won’t pull out, then forced to eat even vomiting. This process is called Leblouh. Men in this part of the world appreciate women thicker, the thicker, the better. No matter if it ruins their health, or make them live shorter lives. Weighs more than the bride, the more expensive able to sell it when she reaches the right age

And in Malaysia, have gone further. Before the wedding they have decided not to walk in shower. But well, that’s not 5 years, as in Mauritania, but only 72 hours before the marriage, and regard it as the groom and the bride. This ritual is so honored that he respected more than 2 centuries. Thus for a pair of closely watched, that the ritual was not disturbed. Future newlyweds, this period also can not eat and drink. People believe that if the couple survives this torture, they not only will be rich in abundance, but none of their children will not die. It is also believed that if a person is able to survive such difficulties, then he can easily cope with all troubles encountered in marriage