July 17 – what a holiday today

17 July is the day, when began the history of Russian aviation. In 1916 on this day the Russian pilots won a major victory in the air battle, which took place over the Baltic sea. Then 4 seaplane M-9 aircraft carrier vessel “the Eagle” Baltic fleet began to fight with 4 German aircraft.

It should say that and during the Second world war the Soviet air force was the first who attacked the enemy. So Russia became the most powerful enemy and the main threat to the Germans. It is known that during the years of hostilities, representatives of the Russian aviation carried about 35 thousand combat flights, which destroyed more than 5.5 thousand planes of your enemy.

Since then, the role of naval aviation is gradually increasing, and nowadays it is known that the Russian fleet has crews shipborne helicopters and combat-ready pilots, the administering of deck fighters. They are ready to go into the service and to cope with tasks in the field fighting mission.

Holiday July 17: Day of the proclamation of the Constitution in South Korea

It should be noted that in the history of Korea were alternating periods of authoritarian and democratic governance. Since its founding South Korea has come far enough in its development in terms of economy, education and culture. In the 1960s South Korea was one of the poorest countries in its region, but today it is a developed industrial state.

Constitution Day in South Korea the locals participate in the festivities. It is concerts, festivals, competitions, charity events, competitions, etc.

Holiday July 17: Day of St. Andrei Rublev

It is worth saying that the exact date of the birth of Andrei Rublev not known, and in General, historical information about him is not too much. If you analyze and study the meaning of names-nicknames Rublev, this leads to the assumption that the monk came from educated circles, as only the upper classes bore the name in those days.

According to the information and assumptions of historians, Andrei Rublev was born around 1340-1350, and his whole life was connected with the monasteries, in particular, with the Saviour and St. Andronicus and the Trinity-Sergiev monastery. Himself Andrei Rublev was a pupil of St. Sergius of Radonezh.

Andrei Rublev is widely known as a painter. Throughout life, he worked on the paintings of the churches together with his disciples. Along the way he studied not only historical examples of Holiness and asceticism, delved deeply into the basis of the teachings and in the lives of those saints who were depicted in his paintings.

The memory of Andrei Rublev was celebrated on July 17. He was canonized on the basis of the sanctity of private life and of the feat of icon painting, which allowed turbulent time in their works reflect faith in God, and after studying his paintings, many people have become Orthodox.

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