The national orchestra of the Republic of Korea – culture news in Saint Petersburg

25 August at 19:00 in the Big hall of Conservatory.N. And.Rimsky-Korsakov for the first time in St. Petersburg will welcome the national orchestra of the Republic of Korea. Established by the government in the late nineties of the last century, the orchestra aims to preserve and promote the national art of Korea.* *This art is in many ways unique:* l*reunaa performing culture, national instruments rare, seductive flavor of distant countries – all this will give the listener the national orchestra of Korea.*

There is a national orchestra at the National theatre of the Republic of Korea – the first national theatre, the largest in Asia, serving all kinds of traditional performing arts of the country. National theatre – a huge theater complex, designed to develop the traditions of national performing arts. Under the joint roof of which, as the orchestra and three of the troupe: drama, dance and musical drama.

*The national orchestra of the Republic of Korea *– the team unique. It gathers all the national musical instruments of Korean culture.

Following an old tradition, singing the ancient music of the ancestors, the orchestra still does not reject the modern aspirations of the musical art of Korea and other countries. This is the largest musical ensemble – the pride of the country, he is able to convey the uniqueness and originality of national art such exotic countries like Korea.

The orchestra headed by the art Director *Huang Byung-Ki* recognized in 2000, the national cultural heritage of the country. First education in Hwang Byung-Ki is a lawyer. When he was 25 years old, his life he decided to dedicate the art of music: the game on Hahm, national string instrument of Korea. And now he is a leading composer, performer and theorist of national musical art. Awarded the most prestigious awards in the field of culture, teaching in the leading universities of the Republic of Korea, is invited to the largest educational institutions of other countries. Hwang Byung-Ki has mastered different styles of performance, from traditional to avant-garde experiment. He writes his own unique version of music for Gagm in the genre of “Sana” (national genre of music, based on the alternation of slow and fast tempi).

The orchestra of St. Petersburg will visit unsurpassed *EN Bitches the Dream *”the Star that never goes out, the Korean diva

classical music”. Its peculiarity – tall, strong and sonorous voice, bewitching all. The singer’s voice does not match fragile

kind woman, but she has a unique ability – facial expressions, facial expression, and a magical voice capable of transmitting the meaning of the song, changing from sad to joyful.

Now Ahn Suk song is a Professor at the Korean national University. Received President’s award at the national vocal competition and a state award for his contribution to the development of culture. Not so long ago, Ahn Sook Dream was the artistic Director

musical-drama troupe state-run Korean national theatre, and is now its head.

The state national orchestra of the Republic of Korea quickly won the love and acceptance of their fellow countrymen. The orchestra applauded delightedly in many countries of the world – in Japan, China, Germany, Italy, Greece, France, USA. Rare gift for the musicians is appreciated at national and international festivals.

At the end of summer at the concert in St. Petersburg orchestra, touring typically forms at the chamber, brought the full cast will hit the stage 54 of the musician – and the St. Petersburg Conservatory will be full of warmth and Sunny light of a distant country. The Russian audience will see a wonderful surprise: there will be performances of works by Russian composers for national instruments in Eastern cultures.

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