Amazing facts about South Korea

Part 1.

1. Korea is a very safe country. A girl can not be afraid to walk at night for the sleeping area alone.

2. Cases of major crimes, like murder, are attributed to unprecedented and weeks reported in the local news.

3. The best time to visit Korea is spring, when the cherry blossoms bloom, and autumn, when yellow leaves on the trees. Winter is very cold and windy, summer is hot, humid and rainy.

4. The country is very small, therefore civilization has penetrated all corners of her. In Korea it is impossible to get lost, and it is really the remotest villages here.

5. The most popular sport in Korea is baseball. It is played by everyone, young and old, a baseball bat, almost everyone. At baseball games, especially the large ones – are always sold out.

6. On the second place in popularity is Golf. It is played by men of middle age. And having reached old age, all the Koreans go to the mountains.

7. Hiking is a favorite pastime for Koreans. They can get up at 8 in the morning after a wild drinking and still climb the mountain.

8. 90% of Koreans are short-sighted and have to wear glasses or contact lenses. Wear glasses during my childhood that unwittingly creates the impression that they are born with poor vision.

9. All Koreans use Internet Explorer. On other browsers they do not know and furthermore, most don’t even know what a browser is. The Korean sites, respectively, are made only under Explorer, any other browser, none of the Korean website will not work correctly.

10. Many Koreans to open Google, first open naver(this is a Korean search engine and not only the system), you need to search Google in Korean and then click on the link.

11. Koreans love coffee, and coffee houses are found here at every step. After dinner coffee is definitely.

12. Free Internet is always: in all establishments, cafes and even on buses.

13. The chain of cafes, cinemas, supermarkets, chain restaurants, chain bars, chain stores — if the establishment doesn’t have a clone somewhere in Korea, so it hasn’t grown.

14. The first domestic product in Korea is very supported, so many imported goods, such as toothpaste, gum, strips, chips, etc. are not to be found.

15. Agriculture is one of the most important sectors of the economy. With fields of cabbage, vegetable gardens with turnip and rice glades can be found even in the center of the city.

16. Dental services are very expensive, so all the Koreans carefully monitor the hygiene of the teeth. They brush their teeth after each meal and coffee, often carry a toothbrush with you in your bag, and in some places you can find free brushes directly in the toilet.

17. Education assigned perhaps the most important role in the life of any Korean. Koreans are studying from early morning until late at night, regardless of the day of the week, and use the holidays for additional courses or self-study.

18. Such thing as a vacation in Korea no. There are some days, usually in early August, when many workers take the day off to relax or go abroad.

19. There are two major national holidays: New year according to the lunar calendar and autumn festival, when Korea does not work for three days. More time to stay there.

20. A teacher in a state school can fire unless the President himself. This profession is highly revered and well paid.

21. Koreans are overweight are very rare. Really thick — almost never.

22. Girl willing to show feet, but never — neckline.

23. Most Koreans small Breasts and flat butt, but very slim legs.

24. Therefore, plastic surgery is booming. Can a girl inflate her Breasts just for one lunchtime. Releasing from school, and in College most girls as a gift yourself correct eyelids, noses or something.

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