The cherry blossoms in Japan

The sky to the ground

Joined plexus in a shaky —

Influx in sea fog

Penetrated the flowering crown

Sakura mountain.

Culture holidays in Japan are very interesting, sometimes even surprising. The people of the country of the rising sun has long been celebrated not only for religious and national holidays, but also family, important historical dates, the phenomena of nature. Solar phenomena and the cherry blossom is extremely popular among the residents of this great country. The blossom festival in Japan called Hanami . The beauty of the festival lies not in an important historical date, namely in the process of admiring the cherry blossoms in the spring.

The history of Hanami.

In the III century ad, in the Heian period courtiers liked to enjoy the flowering trees, sitting under them for hours and sipping strong drinks. First it was just sort of a tradition that emerged in the Imperial Palace.

At first the courtiers admired the plum blossom mountain. Drain putting forth its buds a bit earlier than Sakura, so the Japanese considered it the first time, the epitome of resurgent life. Although there is another version of the championship plum. Japanese people have always revered Chinese culture, and often took her for example. Ume (plum) was first introduced to Japan from China. Later brought the Sakura and other trees. Plum and Sakura blossom almost in one period, the difference in a couple of weeks. In 894 year, Japan has gained national identity, and the dependence on the Chinese culture has weakened. Today the whole country is waiting for the cherry blossom. But there are still those people who initially devote khans the sink, and then Sakura.

Trees emerge from winter hibernation warm spring, so the beginning of Hanami symbolized the rebirth of life, and foreshadowed the season of rice planting. The spirit of Hanami became a symbol of the harvest, which is annually prepared of giving, and prayers were read. To admire the cherry blossoms in Japan was aristocratic tradition. Later, in the era of the Tokugawa government ordered across the country to plant a cherry tree, to strengthen national traditions. The order was carried out, and Khans gradually developed into a nationwide custom.

The flowering of Japanese cherry trees

With the arrival of spring comes at Nippon holiday Hanami. The cherry blossom is not long lasting, it lasts on average a week. The starting point of the calculation is considered to be Tokyo’s Yasukuni Shrine. When begin to sprout the first flowers of the tree, meteorologists on all channels announce the beginning of Hanami. On this basis, we can conclude that the holiday blossoms in Japan does not have a specific date.

The state does not appoint the weekends during this period. Hanami festival public, rather than religious or state. During this period, day and night all the parks and alleys are busy wanting to enjoy the cherry blossoms. People have picnics, and relax with family and friends. And even at night, you will not be able to retire, because in the period of cherry blossom streets of Japan are teeming with tourists and indigenous residents.

Cherry blossom inspired many creative individuals to create a new masterpiece. Dozens of artists, writers and musicians looking for inspiration this holiday and find. For hundreds of years, thinkers and philosophers saw in the feast of the flowering much more than just beauty. They were found in the period of Hanami deep washed by comparing the flowering and shedding of the flowers with the transience of life.

Today, Hanami is an integral part of the country of the rising sun . Holiday Blossoms in Japan has become not just a national treasure, a part of history, respect the culture and traditions of ancestors, but also a symbol of bravery, honesty and beauty of life.

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