Interesting facts about Japan

Japan — the land of the rising sun. The population of Japan is not the largest (127 million people), but it allows her to take tenth place in population. We all know that Japan is popular for its martial arts and sushi. rolls and other Japanese delicacies. But here we will try to cover more rare and unusual the most interesting facts about Japan.

1. Japan is located on Islands. Of all these Islands is about 7000, but they’re all small, except the four largest (97% of the total population of all the Islands) — Honshu, Hokkaido, Shikoku, Kyushu.

2. If you think to eat fruit in Japan, before think, as fruits always are very expensive, especially melons. The prices of them can reach 100-200 dollars. But the meat and fish is very cheap.

3. Japanese chopsticks have their name and they are called “Hashi” (Hashi).

4. The Japanese traditionally mold snowmen out of two lumps, not three as everywhere else.

5. Japan — the only country that still has the status of «Empire». The Japanese Emperor is Akihito.

6. The Japanese did not give the names of the months, and they are indicated by simple numbers, for example, June — “six months”.

7. Academic year in Japan begins not in September, as is customary in other countries, as from 1 April.

8. In a Japanese metro has special carriages for women to fancy men didn’t touch them until you go.

9. The most offensive expletive in Japanese — it ’s Fool”. Swear they are usually expressed by intonation, not words. The louder — the curse is more severe.

10. On Valentine’s Day (February 14 ) in Japan, only girls give gifts to men. But on 14 March there is the so-called “White day”. On this day, men should give gifts to women.

11. In Japan, there are 2 underground trolleybus line (the only one in the world), but none of the usual overhead trolley.

12. In Japan, every year a festival of crying children. that sumo wrestlers make small children cry. One child began crying before the winner, but if two children cried simultaneously, the winner is the one who started to cry louder. In Japan it is believed that children’s wailing wards off evil spirits and helps kids grow healthy and strong.

13. Nagasaki was not originally supposed to be bombed in 1945 at the end of the Second World war. and was only a back-up option. The main purpose of the cities of Hiroshima and Kokura. But due to the high clouds above Kakurai, the Americans decided to act on the Alt.

14. The Puffer fish is the most dangerous dish in Japan, but at the same time the most refined delicacy. If properly prepared, people can die from the poison inside of that fish.

15. In Japan, the unlucky number is 13, and 4, as it means “death”.

16. Japanese theater Kabuki, where all roles, even female, played by men, founded by a woman.

17. Japanese currency “yen” simply means “coin”, as well as Chinese and Korean currency (the yuan and the Dong).

18. The number of volcanoes in Japan is about 200, the most famous and largest of them — Fuji.

19. Japanese flag (red circle on white background) means the rising sun, and the most important Goddess is Amaterasu Omikami-the sun Goddess!

20. Almost every meal in Japan is complete without rice and tea .

Famous people of Japan

They will eat you (Takeshi) Kitano (actor and Director), Haruki Murakami (writer and translator), Rinku Kikuchi (actress), Takeshi Caicó (writer), Akira Kurosawa (Director), Kenzo Takada (designer) and many others.

Famous Japanese cars

Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan, Infinity, Lexus, Subaru, Suzuki

Famous Japanese food

Sushi (rolls, sashimi, etc.), miso soup, rice, tempura (fried), gyoza (similar to dumplings), tonkatsu, etc.

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