Wedding traditions from different corners of the Earth. Discussion on LiveInternet - Russian Service Online Diaries
We all know that throughout the world there are unique wedding traditions and customs. Actually very interesting to see how the wedding is celebrated, for example, in Morocco or Macau.…

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Traditions of Japan (course)
Appeared in the early XX century is the antithesis of "Japanese — Western" is present in all cultural studies about Japan. It is not only the leitmotif of the research,…

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Features of treatment in South Korea

To visit the southern part of the Korean Peninsula to see the magnificent mountain scenery, breathe the fresh sea air, plunge into the rich ancient culture is definitely worth it. But in addition to the magnificent holiday there is the opportunity to receive high-tech treatment in South Korea. The country is on the list of leading on innovative technologies and their introduction into medicine, provides ample opportunities in this field.

How to get to the survey the medical center

Medical tourism in Korea developed particularly well. Even if you compare it with the famous in this area of Thailand, the Korean Peninsula is not inferior to the number of complaints, due to the high quality of service, excellent service and reasonable prices. Man always strives to get the maximum for the minimum amount of time and money. Arriving Korea, you can go through diagnosis and treatment, and visit wonderful and interesting places. To enter the country will need a visa. There are two types of medical visas: 90 days and 1 year.

Many clinics in South Korea accept foreign patients. To communicate in a foreign language, to sort out the conditions — very hard. Answers to questions related to the treatment abroad, you will find on the website of the international medical Departmen.

Features of medicine South Korea

High qualification of doctors. If you decide to pass the examination and get qualified assistance in South Korea, you can be sure that will fall into the hands of real experts. The license of activity is issued only 90% of University graduates. Such careful selection, plus a huge practice using the latest technological advances, makes the treatment in Korea, particularly effective.

Affordable prices. Stay in medical centers in Korea several times cheaper than in USA and Japan. The level of medicine is at the same level (if not higher).

Supportive environment. Moderately humid climate, a pronounced change of seasons makes the treatment and rehabilitation especially comfortable. A large number of specialized and multidisciplinary clinics allows you to make choice according to preferences. So, the famous Sleep clinic, offers its foreign patients in five-star accommodation in hospitals. You will feel as comfortable as possible, not thinking about the fact that this is a hospital. For cancer patients provides consultations with nutritionists and a special buffet. The wards have a calm eco-style and parkland for meditation and relaxation.

Accurate diagnostics. Disease prevention is better than cure is an axiom. Timely diagnostics allows to detect diseases at a very early stage. A survey in Korea can be divided into: basic, universal, advanced and individual. Each program includes a diagnosis of major organs and systems, each subsequent — augmented technological components.

To complete the treatment. Clinic South Korea have a high standard of treatment. A multidisciplinary international center of SLEEP has 11 branches. Specialists each of them will come to your aid

This Eastern medicine. All processes in the body should flow in the correct direction. Harmony, inner strength. Eastern medicine is designed to make a person an integral part of nature. Coupled with traditional therapy — the therapeutic effect becomes especially noticeable.

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