The Customs of other countries
Customs — in a broad sense every detail or feature of life(in addition to purely physiological or pathological), repeat,constantly, periodically or when known cases, consciously ribasauskiene (out of habit, tradition,…

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Atma Ananda - Sacred Asia: traditions and stories.
Sacred Asia: traditions and stories Atma Ananda Sacred Asia: traditions and stories West is West, East is East and with the place they will go, until you see the Sky…

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Japan – Travel Agency Alma Travel Agency

is undoubtedly unique, incomparable and absolutely mysterious country, which is second in the world is almost impossible to find. And it’s not just her rich and ancient heritage – in itself, Japan is a great Museum.

There is a common phrase: “Japan is a country of contrasts”, and it is not just words. Here temples coexist with modern life, they do not disrupt the General flow and form a single whole.

The Japanese have a great love and reverence is Sakura. April in Japan is Hanami-party – holiday-festival admiring the cherry blossoms. It begins in the capital, and then continues in other Japanese cities and towns.

Before the beginning of cherry blossom in Tokyo, a special staff of 40-50 people. The headquarters is located in the spacious office and constantly receives information about suzutani Sakura, coming from the public.In transport, on the streets, in shops, anywhere and everywhere there are posters with pictures of unopened buds of Sakura. All are invited to a feast of cherry blossom!

Autumn in Japan – an event that cannot be missed!

Momiji – Japanese maple. For people red maple leaves in October no less important than the time of cherry blossom in the spring. Many specifically take leave at this time – peacefully breathe in the autumn air with a hint of sadness, to wander in the parks of the fiery maples, to get my thoughts in order.

To see this beauty crimson and bloody maple leaves, Momiji organized tours. Japan even has a seasonal dish – leaves in batter, fried in boiling oil.

Next. Tur-Momiji scarlet autumn maples Momiji 11 days/10 nights.

ATTENTION! Japan is a country of traditions and customs that are radically different from those in Europe. For example, handshakes are not taken, instead, taken the bows; when you enter the room to take off your shoes at the entrance to the bathroom to put on special Slippers. And there are many other rules, to understand which can help monitor residents.

Japan is an island country located on arcuate archipelago consisting of more than 6.8 thousand Islands, which are bent chain of about 3800 km stretches along the Eastern coast of Asia.

The geographical position of the Japanese Islands to the East of the mainland has defined and shaped the name of the country – the Country of the rising sun.

The total area of Japan is about 378 thousand sq. km. Only four of the Islands can be described as large. It is Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu – the Japanese did not even call the Islands, and is called the main land, the main territory, accounting for 98% of the country.

Strange features of Japanese culture
Society For the European consciousness in the culture of Japan, many strange and utterly incomprehensible. In no other country traditions, technologies and the living conditions are not so intricately intertwined.…


Transportation - Transportation to Japan: Types of transport in Japan, urban, Maritime, water, rail. The development of transport in Japan
Japan is one of the most developed transport systems. In the development of this system, the government invests a lot of money. In the country drive on the left. In…

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