Program of the discipline of socio-cultural traditions of the studied country (Japan) for direction
Program discipline of socio-cultural traditions of the studied country (Japan) for referral/ specialty 032100. 62 "Oriental studies, African studies" bachelor Discipline program SOCIO-CULTURAL TRADITION OF THE STUDIED COUNTRY (JAPAN) for…

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Packaging in Japan. A new reading tradition
Probably Japanese design is so popular nowadays because of its simplicity, elegance, originality of colors - all this is impossible without taking into account the traditions that permeate the daily…

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National holidays of Japan

Japan is a unique country with its own way of life, sorrows, joys and, of course, the holidays. The Japanese like fun. National holidays of Japan are celebrated widely and in a big way. The official calendar of Japan has only fifteen holidays. Public holidays are called sukumizu. These days the Japanese are in accordance with legislation, have a rest.

In the list of holidays includes:

New year, celebrated by the Japanese, along with the rest of the world 1 January (before the end of the nineteenth century the Christmas festival was held according to the lunar calendar).

Coming of age day in Japan, is the eleventh of January. On this day twenty-year-old Japanese girls and boys are entering into adulthood and are declared adults. Festivities are held throughout the country. Smart young people receive gifts and guidance from adults and have fun the whole day, because at the end of the day comes adult life.

Setsubun, an ancient holiday, revered in Japan. On the night of the third to the fourth of February the Japanese driven from their homes evil spirits and welcome good luck and prosperity. The roots of the holiday go back far into antiquity, and embodies the Chinese philosophy of Yin-Yang.

Foundation day of Japan, the eleventh of February. In this day of the Gregorian calendar in the year 660 BC according to Japanese chronology, in the year 710 BC, was created by the Japanese government. The Japanese revere this holiday, and with great respect to him.

List of official holidays can be long, I want to say that the country is celebrating day of the girl child, the mother, the vernal equinox, of the Constitution, father. Every holiday its important for Japanese people and they are happy to celebrate.

In the country there is another kind of festivals-Matsuri. It’s noisy and fun carnival procession, traditional songs and dances, fireworks.

Fun and noisy Snow festival is held. The event is held every year in the town of Sapporo, the participation of international teams. Craftsmen from different countries from the snow and ice make figures and sculptures, and a competent jury and numerous spectators choose the best work.

In the birthday of Buddha, the eighth of April, every year across the country is a Festival of colors. Every Buddhist temple is decorated with flowers. The Japanese, dressed in traditional kimono parades and praise of Buddha’s birth.

Twice a year in Tokyo there passes a merry and bright holiday Comiket. The Tokyo show comics characters (Mang). The manga is very loved in the country, love them all Japanese. The celebration is carefully prepared, make costumes of favorite characters, rehearse scenes from your favorite Mang, then call on the court of many viewers.

National holidays of Japan are numerous, about all in a nutshell not tell, it is worth noting that all Japanese celebrations are noisy and fun and, no doubt, have philosophical and Buddhist subtext.