National holidays of Japan
Japan is a unique country with its own way of life, sorrows, joys and, of course, the holidays. The Japanese like fun. National holidays of Japan are celebrated widely and…

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Interesting facts about Japan
Japan — the land of the rising sun. The population of Japan is not the largest (127 million people), but it allows her to take tenth place in population. We…

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Sexual practices


Australian aborigines – war, instead of our customary handshake, friendliness demonstrate a slightly different gesture, namely by touching the cock of his companion.

Northern Kamchatka

Still in remote villages of Northern Kamchatka remains a centuries old tradition of the guest copulation with the wife of the owner of the house. Moreover, for the consent of the guest is a woman ready for anything, as this is considered a great honor. And, if after intercourse the woman will get pregnant, if not, luck and happiness to this house and around the village.


To marry a Tibetan girl should have at least a dozen sexual partners.


Here, the number of sexual relations of the bride is not particularly important, however, it must have at least two kids.


Germany, as in other and many other countries of Europe is famous for the promiscuity between people. Especially interesting the following German custom: when is the Cologne festival passers-by may seriously offer each other sex and doing them, sometimes, not even getting acquainted.


Local mores, force the bride to marry a virgin, and, before the girl will be allowed to your fiance, she will go through the rite of deprivation of virginity by a stone knife. The ceremony is held by the friends of the bridegroom, who in three days can deal with the future wife of his friend sex. Then, the “happy” bride goes to other men of the tribe and, only after them with their rightful spouse.

South Africa

Men of the local tribes, fearing to produce offspring in the form of twins, which are a type of sin and the most terrible curses, carve yourself one testicle. In other matters, as you know, the servants of the harems of the East – eunuchs put themselves more terrible execution – absolute castration.

Other African tribes, make representatives of the stronger sex before the wedding to take some kind of test. And, specifically, to have sex with the mother of the bride, as many times as need be, in order to prove their worth. However, before that, they are subject to mandatory inspection (in a literal sense: teeth, body, and so on) in front of his future father in law.

Central Africa: the tribe “chillaki”

The chief of the tribe has the right to get a wife the most beautiful girls, even if more than a hundred. But, God forbid his wives to start a conversation about what their husband is the leader does not satisfy them. In this case, the poor guy threatens not only the overthrow of the honorary post, but and death in terrible agony, because, as the legend Shirokov, impotent, unable to betray the power of fertility, earth and barnyard.

sexual practices of the peoples of the world

Brazil: the Indians “tupinamba”

The local tribes believe that women only like the huge size of the genital organs, therefore, these organs are subjected to the bites of poisonous snakes (idle swelling and increase)

Micronesia: the tribe “Ponape”

To excite women used the stinging bites of ants.

Japan and Korea

Since ancient times, and still, to enhance passion, Japanese and Koreans use their “crown” – the prick of a groin Golden needle.

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