Sexual traditions of the peoples of the world

Australian aborigines – war, instead of our customary handshake, friendliness demonstrate a slightly different gesture, namely by touching the cock of his companion.

Northern Kamchatka

Still in remote villages of Northern Kamchatka remains a centuries old tradition of the guest copulation with the wife of the owner of the house. Moreover, for the consent of the guest is a woman ready for anything, as this is considered a great honor. And, if after intercourse the woman will get pregnant, if not, luck and happiness to this house and around the village.


To marry a Tibetan girl should have at least a dozen sexual partners.


Here, the number of sexual relations of the bride is not particularly important, however, it must have at least two kids.


Germany, as in other and many other countries of Europe is famous for the promiscuity between people. Especially interesting the following German custom: when is the Cologne festival passers-by may seriously offer each other sex and doing them, sometimes, not even getting acquainted.


Local mores, force the bride to marry a virgin, and, before the girl will be allowed to your fiance, she will go through the rite of deprivation of virginity by a stone knife. The ceremony Continue reading

Iran and Central Asia in ancient times. Natural conditions and population

Iran is a vast plateau, Central part of which is barren desert with a pronounced continental climate. More conducive to the development of the economy and culture of the oases located along surrounding the highlands of the mountain ranges and irrigated by small rivers and streams. In the North of the plateau rises a system of Elbrus. To adjoin the Turkmen-Khorasan mountains, a Northern branch of which passes on the territory of Central Asia and is called the Kopet-Dagh. From the West and the South-East highlands protect the Zagros and South-Iranian mountains. In ancient times on the slopes of all these mountains were green with rich forests, yielding timber wood. On the elevated areas barley grows in the wild and is still found mountain goats and sheep. In most parts of Iran, agriculture requires irrigation, the use of all water resources small rivers, running down from the mountains and streams, and even seasonal streams. Relatively well provided with water southwest of Iran in Khuzestan, where the rivers karok language and Cerha, and the dry subtropical climate and fertile soil enable us to obtain large yields. Of minerals other than oil, in ancient times, almost not used, there are deposits of copper, iron and silver.

The territory of Central Continue reading

The Diploma, coursework, summary – Features and prospects of development of economy of the Asian region

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The PROJECT GEOGRAFII on the topic:

“Features and prospects of economic development of the Asian region”


I Introduction

1) Features of EGP Asia

2) Historical background economic and political development

II the Main part. Regions Of Asia

and. Foreign policy guidelines

b. The growth of Western influence

V. Relations with Russia

3)East Asia

and. The main factors of development

b. Japan is the country number 1

4) South and Southeast Asia

V. The increase of exports from the region

5) the Asian development Bank

6) Integration in the region

III the Future of Asia in a globalized world

1) Global development

2) Challenges of the XXI century

3) a Platform for regional dialogue

I Introduction

1) the specific situation of Asia in the modern world.

Asia today is perhaps the most controversial region in the world. Here intersect with established centuries-old traditions and latest trends of modernity.

Asia is the largest portion of light in the world, which occupies nearly a third of all terrestrial land. It is part of the huge Continue reading