Food of the world: a ranking of the most popular culinary traditions

Sooner or later, but each of us begins to understand that culinary preferences do not always bring health benefits. Almost all of the traditional culinary world with a rich history. And it’s safe to call them useful, otherwise they would not have lived to our days. Forbes magazine tried to select from a huge number of useful kitchens most outstanding.

Recognized as the healthy cuisine of Japan, where obesity affects only about 1.5% of the nation, whereas the average age of life is 82 years.

Each of us sooner or later comes to the realization that food should be not only tasty and hearty, but healthy. With a lack of knowledge in this area is a threat to dive in and learn all kinds of power systems, properties of products and sophisticated recipes, all the more so in our information age it is available to everyone.

But there is another way, safer and more enjoyable – the study of the principles of traditional dishes. Almost all traditional cuisine with a rich history can safely be called useful, because otherwise they would not have lived to our days.

Note that this rating is based on the health indicators and life expectancy of the modern population, and they are affected not only food, but also lifestyle and, to some Continue reading

The cherry blossoms in Japan

The sky to the ground

Joined plexus in a shaky —

Influx in sea fog

Penetrated the flowering crown

Sakura mountain.

Culture holidays in Japan are very interesting, sometimes even surprising. The people of the country of the rising sun has long been celebrated not only for religious and national holidays, but also family, important historical dates, the phenomena of nature. Solar phenomena and the cherry blossom is extremely popular among the residents of this great country. The blossom festival in Japan called Hanami . The beauty of the festival lies not in an important historical date, namely in the process of admiring the cherry blossoms in the spring.

The history of Hanami.

In the III century ad, in the Heian period courtiers liked to enjoy the flowering trees, sitting under them for hours and sipping strong drinks. First it was just sort of a tradition that emerged in the Imperial Palace.

At first the courtiers admired the plum blossom mountain. Drain putting forth its buds a bit earlier than Sakura, so the Japanese considered it the first time, the epitome of resurgent life. Although there is another version of the championship plum. Japanese people have always revered Chinese culture, and often took her for example. Continue reading

Tsunami in Japan: nature – that terrible power

They say that beauty is a terrible force. But if we leave aside the colorful turns of phrase, and return to reality, we have to admit that the most terrible power of this element, the existence of the forces of nature. Mankind often forgets about it – and then come to him reminders in the form of such tragedies as the tsunami in Japan on 11 March 2011, however, the waves of this tsunami were not the highest registered in the history of the tsunami.

Comparable in strength to the magnitude 9 earthquake and ensuing tsunami with a height of 5 meters according to scientists has already taken place in Japan in 1700. Interestingly, the Japanese began to document tsunami in the early 16th century.

The tsunami waves swept the entire Pacific basin (coast of the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Chile), but in other countries the tsunami has already lost his strength and looked at worst like waves of several meters height. Height struck Japan waves averaged about ten meters and it took them about 20 minutes after the start of earthquake to reach the shore. In some cases were marked by waves of up to forty meters.

The scale of the destruction and victims caused by the tsunami was huge in the first place for the reason that the coast of Japan is one of the most densely populated in the world. Japanese mountainous Islands are spacious enough valley for the location Continue reading

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