Atma Ananda - Sacred Asia: traditions and stories.
Sacred Asia: traditions and stories Atma Ananda Sacred Asia: traditions and stories West is West, East is East and with the place they will go, until you see the Sky…

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Transportation - Transportation to Japan: Types of transport in Japan, urban, Maritime, water, rail. The development of transport in Japan
Japan is one of the most developed transport systems. In the development of this system, the government invests a lot of money. In the country drive on the left. In…

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The cherry blossoms in Japan

The sky to the ground

Joined plexus in a shaky —

Influx in sea fog

Penetrated the flowering crown

Sakura mountain.

Culture holidays in Japan are very interesting, sometimes even surprising. The people of the country of the rising sun has long been celebrated not only for religious and national holidays, but also family, important historical dates, the phenomena of nature. Solar phenomena and the cherry blossom is extremely popular among the residents of this great country. The blossom festival in Japan called Hanami . The beauty of the festival lies not in an important historical date, namely in the process of admiring the cherry blossoms in the spring.

The history of Hanami.

In the III century ad, in the Heian period courtiers liked to enjoy the flowering trees, sitting under them for hours and sipping strong drinks. First it was just sort of a tradition that emerged in the Imperial Palace.

At first the courtiers admired the plum blossom mountain. Drain putting forth its buds a bit earlier than Sakura, so the Japanese considered it the first time, the epitome of resurgent life. Although there is another version of the championship plum. Japanese people have always revered Chinese culture, and often took her for example. Continue reading

The Pension in Japan and the lifestyles of Japanese seniors

Public pension in Japan was introduced from 1942 the Name of the public she received, as only a third were subsidized by the government. The remaining two-thirds were contributions of employees and employers. Last, and very important, pension reform in Japan was conducted in 1985, Her greatest achievement – the introduction of basic pensions. With 1986, any citizen, regardless of ethnicity, sex, occupation and income level, is entitled to a basic old age pension, disability and in case of loss of breadwinner.

Pension types

Today is quite complicated retirement security of Japan can be divided into 2 main levels: 1st – basic pension, 2nd – state (public) and professional. In addition there are a number of options of different types of pensions. But the Foundation alone – state social insurance.

Basic pension covers all people and is established each year in the solid amount increases in accordance with increase of prices over the last year. It is prescribed to 65 years. Thus a flexible scheme that allows you to retire with 60 years, but in this case, the citizens get it in a cut (25%). For continuing to work after age 65, the pension is increasing annually. For 70 years the pension is increased by 25%. The average pension in Japan – about 67 thousand yens( 700 USD).

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Characteristics of the population of Asia
Characteristics of the population of Asia. The population of Foreign Asia is different: a large number (more than 3 billion), high growth rate, a complex structure uneven location. Geography grade…


Food of the world: a ranking of the most popular culinary traditions
Sooner or later, but each of us begins to understand that culinary preferences do not always bring health benefits. Almost all of the traditional culinary world with a rich history.…

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